The Holy Orthodox Church in North America

In 1968 the parish of St. Nectarios was started by Father Neketas Palassis and some of the parishioners of a Greek Orthodox Church in Seattle. Spurred by continuing and ever-worsening reports of ecumenism, this group of pious people joined with Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Boston and broke away from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. We then affiliated with the Russian Church Abroad, then under the holy leadership of Metropolitan Philaret of New York (since glorified as a saint).
Unfortunately, following the repose of Metropolitan Philaret, the Russian Church Abroad began to follow the path of ecumenism, and in 1987 we left that jurisdiction and affiliated with the True Orthodox Church of Greece, headed by Archbishop Auxentios.
The Holy Orthodox Church in North America is an Eparchial Synod of the Tale Orthodox Church of Greece, with parishes and monastic communities in Canada and the United States. Our people have come not only from Greek and Russian jurisdictions but also include many converts from Protestantism and Roman Catholicism. We follow the Julian calendar, do not participate in ecumenical/ syncretistic worship, and do not share the Holy Mysteries with other jurisdictions that do participate.


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