Oct 2017

The Orthodox Church is the True Apostolic Church of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who founded His Church through His Apostles. By the grace of the Holy Spirit received at Pentecost, the Apostles established the Church throughout the ancient world. For a millennium, Orthodox Christendom was undivided, under the leadership of the Bishops of the five Apostolic Patriarchates: Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem. Over time, however, the Patriarchate of Rome introduced various heresies,......

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Sep 2017

Tragically, the Orthodox world was rent asunder in the 19205 by the innovations of the Patriarch of Constantinople, who, without consulting the other Patriarchs and Bishops, introduced the Gregorian calendar, replacing the Julian calendar. Since that time, as one after another of the historic Patriarchates adopted the Gregorian calendar, the pan-heresy of ecumenism has spread throughout the Church, aided by the superficial unity created by the use of the Gregorian calendar. Ecumenism – in which......

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Aug 2017
The Holy Orthodox Church in North America

In 1968 the parish of St. Nectarios was started by Father Neketas Palassis and some of the parishioners of a Greek Orthodox Church in Seattle. Spurred by continuing and ever-worsening reports of ecumenism, this group of pious people joined with Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Boston and broke away from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. We then affiliated with the Russian Church Abroad, then under the holy leadership of Metropolitan Philaret of New York (since glorified as......

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